Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remand for all and NO cautions: The tough guidelines police issued to deal with rioters and looters - 23rd Aug 2011

Senior police said suspected rioters and looters should be remanded in custody in guidance issued to officers, it was revealed today.

Scotland Yard also urged staff to recommend that defendants should be refused bail when they appeared before courts.

The policy was put together at the height of the rioting across London as officers tried to keep suspected troublemakers off the streets.

The guidelines suggested that no-one arrested in connection with the riots should be let off with a caution, according to an internal document leaked to the Guardian.

The Metropolitan Police said today that it was issued to ensure a 'consistent approach' to policing - although critics said the document could pave the way for legal challenges from suspects.

Of those charged, 62 per cent were remanded in custody - while last year just 10 per cent of those accused of serious offences were held while they awaited trial. Read More