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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Obama’s nuclear bomb shelter on wheels

In case you haven’t heard Barack Obama is now traveling around in the United States in a totally blacked out tour bus. The news media is now joking about Obama being Darth Vader. Why did the Secret Service order these buses? They are the newest protection vehicles for the president. They were designed as a nuclear bomb shelter on wheels. The only effective protection against a nuclear blast is a lead lined suit or a bomb shelter lined with lead. In the event of a nuclear explosion, humans are immediately exposed to four threats: Light, Heat, Blast and Radiation. This armored bus is lined with lead and the windows lead reinforced and blackened out with the latest UV protective coating to protect the president from the intense light, heat, blast and radiation of a nuclear explosion.

On the ground is the safest place to be in a nuclear attack. Air Force One and Marine One are both venerable in a nuclear attack. The aircrafts could suffer enough damage to cause either to crash with Obama in it. If Obama was riding in his Darth Vader mobile when a nuclear attack occurred the bus would provide enough protection for the president until he is rescued.

So a question must be asked. Why now? Is there an imminent nuclear attack against the United States? The U.S. intelligence service were warned before the September 11, 2001 attacks. George W Bush made sure he wasn’t in Washington DC that morning and Dick Cheney was in a bunker before the hijackings began. Congress were advised not to travel by air on that day. more