Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NATO oil tankers Torched in Ambush near Afghanistan Border - 24th Aug 2011

As black clouds of smoke billowed from the charred remains of at least 19 NATO tankers, and flames licked the dark sky near the Afghanistan border, agog locals observed the wreckage following an ambush.

Gunmen atop motorbikes opened fire yesterday on the narrow main highway at Kolpur village in Pakistan, 15 miles south of Quetta, the capital of the usually restive Baluchistan province.

The tankers, carrying tonnes of fuel, were heading through the southwestern Pakistan region en route to NATO forces in neighbouring Afghanistan when they were fired upon in an attack that has become all too familiar to coalition forces.

Earlier this year and at the end of last year there was a spate of ambushes on NATO tankers which were difficult to defend against on the small, open tracks in the Peshawar hills near the Afghan border. Read More