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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Manchester and the Midlands burn as children as young as NINE join copycat riots... but London's streets are 'under control' - 10th Aug 2011

Fresh violence flared around the UK as parts of the West Midlands and Manchester came under siege from a series of copy-cat riots overnight.

In shocking scenes, children as young as nine were seen taking part in the large-scale looting of shops and businesses in Manchester.

The disturbances came as 16,000 police officers were deployed on London's streets in a bid to head off a fourth night of the violence which spiralled out of control across dozens of suburbs on Saturday night.

Disorder and looting rocked parts of Manchester particularly, but there was also trouble in Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Nottingham, Leicester and Liverpool - although police appeared to containing the unrest.

But in what was by far the most serious incident of the night three men, two of them brothers aged 25 and 21, died in Birmingham after they were hit by a car.

West Midlands Police is also currently investigating reports that shots were fired at a police officer just outside Birmingham city centre, thought to be in the Aston area, according to Sky.

None of the violence has escalated in the same way as it did in London the previous night. The capital remained relatively calm last night. Read More