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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Luke Sheppard, 23, Falls 65ft off cliff after 'hallucinating' in 40C heat on cycling holiday - 25th Aug 2011

A British student who passed out in 40C heat and plunged down a cliff on a cycling holiday in Croatia is due to be airlifted back to Britain.

Luke Sheppard, 23, was saved by his childhood friend Geoffrey Haggar, 22, after he lost consciousness and tumbled 65ft off a cliff face near Dubrovnik.

Speaking from her home in Saltdean, East Sussex, Luke's distraught mother, Linda, 57, told how Geoffrey dashed down the hillside without any thought for his own safety.

He realised Luke, his best friend since they were altar boys together at their local church, was choking on his own tongue and was able to clear his airway and get him into recovery position.

Mrs Sheppard said: 'He was in the nick of time. He noticed immediately that Luke wasn't feeling well and stayed behind with him while the rest of the group rode on.

'When Luke blacked out and fell over the cliff, Geoffrey was on the scene straight away.

'He climbed down with a local shopkeeper and saw he was suffocating on his own tongue.

'It took both of them to pull it out so he could breathe again.

'I cannot thank Geoffrey enough. I have no doubt he saved my son's life with his actions. Read More