Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Journalists 'Held Hostage' At Tripoli's Rixos Hotel - 24th Aug 2011

Journalists staying at Tripoli's Rixos hotel have endured a fourth night trapped in the building under the watchful eye of Colonel Gaddafi's soldiers.

With electricity and water cut off and no staff left, the 30 or so journalists from around the world have grouped together, donning flak jackets and helmets as they listen to the sounds of gunfire outside.

When stray bullets struck the hotel as the rebels moved into the capital, some correspondents hung banners on their balconies, reading: "Television, press, don't shoot."

Fox News producer Tadek Markowski told Sky News the media felt they were being held "hostage".

He said: "We are into day five of what is essentially a hostage situation.

"We are being prevented from leaving the hotel, we haven't been able to go out into the streets, we haven't even been allowed out onto our balconies - it has just been far too dangerous.

"Last night there was this sense that many of Col Gaddafi's guards had fled this way and we thought the bad situation was going to get much worse, that we were going to have a lot of those staunch supporters of Col Gaddafi pouring into the hotel and I can tell you nobody was getting any sleep last night.

"Now though there is a real sense that something is going to happen.

"We are speaking to colleagues who are with the rebels. We know they are very close and we get the sense that something is about to happen. Read More