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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ian Redmond WAS killed by a Great White shark in Seychelles beach attack, say experts - 24th Aug 2011

Shark experts in the Seychelles have examined photographs of British honeymooner Ian Redmond's body in a bid to hunt down the creature that killed him.

Marine biologists Geremy Cliff and Mike Anderson-Reade said Mr Redmond's injuries indicated that he was probably attacked by a Great White.

The pair were hired by the Seychelles government to try to find the maneater after newly-married Mr Redmond was killed last week in front of his wife Gemma, 27.

A tooth from the fish was left embedded in 30-year-old Mr Redmond's leg but the biologists need more evidence that the creature was a Great White, the killer that gained notoriety when it featured in the film Jaws.

Seychelles authorities are desperate to find the shark after the tragedy became the second death this month. Read More