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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane Irene filmed from space by NASA: She's a *huge* storm!

Hurricane Irene remains on course to batter the east coast of the United States this weekend, as extraordinary images from space revealed the scale of the powerful storm.

Irene strengthened to a Category Three storm, with winds of 120mph (195km) as it continued to wreak havoc across the Caribbean and edged towards the US mainland.

Live television pictures from the International Space Station, orbiting the earth 200 miles up, showed the sheer size of Irene's cyclonic cloud.

Irene could be upgraded to a Category Four - classified as having winds of up to 155mph - within 24 hours.

The first hurricane of this year's storm season is expected to gather power as it races across the warm waters of the Caribbean in the next 48 hours. more