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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Here's how to deal with a riot: Chilean police use water cannon and tear gas on rampaging mob - 10th Aug 2011

Anti-riot police in Chile have shown their British counterparts how to control unrest after turning water cannons and tear gas on a rampaging mob.

Masked demonstrators burning cars and looting shops in the capital Santiago were met with force as Chilean police cracked down on further unrest over state education.

By last night, at least 273 protesters had been arrested across the country, and 23 police officers were injured in the clashes

It is the latest in more than two months of unrest in the country over the way public education is funded.

Youths torched cars and barricades and hurled rocks, paint and even furniture at police in the capital.

Apartment buildings were also attacked, with street signs used to smash windows.

High school and university students have refused to attend classes, taken over schools and staged demonstrations to press their demand for fundamental changes in how Chile finances public education. Read More