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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'Dougherty Gang' Caught After 100 mph Chase Ends in Crash

All three members of the Dougherty Gang have been captured south of Pueblo, Colo., following a high speed chase that topped 100 mph and was punctuated by gunshots, according to police and the FBI.

The short lived cross-country manhunt came to an abrupt end today when their car crashed while being pursued by police.

The alleged gang consists of stripper Lee Grace E. Dougherty, 29, and her two heavily armed brothers, brother Ryan, 21, and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26. They had been on the run for more than a week after firing at Florida police officer who tried to make a traffic stop and then later robbing a Georgia bank.

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor told ABC's Tampa affiliate WFTS that speeds exceeded 100 mph during the 20 mile chase. He said that shots were fired during the pursuit.

Two of the siblings were immediately captured after the crash. The third attempted to flee on foot, but was quickly apprehended not far from the crash site, according to WFTS.

Police say one suspect was injured, but have not released which Dougherty it was or their present condition. (more)