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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dog thefts on increase in US

Dog thefts in the US have more than trebled in recent years, according to new figures. So what's behind the surge in stealing pet pooches?

Getting home in the afternoon to find your home ransacked would be distressing enough, but for Peggy Riley there was a much deeper sense of loss.

Her two nine-year-old Yorkshire terriers, Baxter and Cooper, had been stolen, making the theft of her laptop and the disturbance to her house in San Antonio, Texas, quite insignificant in comparison.

"I don't recall much, other than realising I was in the middle of the street, about two houses down from my home, screaming their names and crying uncontrollably.

"The distress has been to such a degree that I can't even explain. It's turned my life upside down. I don't have children so these are my babies." more