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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Colonel Gaddafi's youngest son is not dead... according to Libyan state television which shows him safe and well - 10th Aug 2011

Colonel Gaddafi's youngest son has not been killed by the rebels, according to Libyan state television, which has shown footage of him looking safe and well.

Khamis Gaddafi, the youngest of seven of the Libyan ruler's sons, had been thought to have been fatally wounded in a NATO air stroke attack near Zlitan last week - news that boosted the morale of the anti-regime supporters.

But these images show the 28-year-old - who commands one of the best trained and equipped units in the Libyan military - visiting victims caught up in another NATO strike.

The Libyan government, who have been fighting the rebels since the Arab Spring caught fire in the Middle East almost six months ago, immediately denied that the son had been killed.

If the footage is genuine, the news that Gaddafi's son is not, in fact, dead, it will be another blow to the rebels' cause, whose momentum has been waning in recent weeks.

If real, it will be the first time Khamis Gaddafi has been seen since the bombing attack on August 5. Read More