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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breivik's Manifesto Is 'Blueprint For Revolution' - 24th July 2011

The 1,500-page manifesto written by Anders Behring Breivik is a blueprint for a continent-wide revolution which reflects much of the thinking of Europe’s neo-Nazis.

The document - 2083 A European Declaration Of Independence - lays out a three-stage plan leading to the overthrow of Europe’s liberal democracies and replacing them with a pan-European conservative authority.

In some ways, the writings are a mirror image of those of Osama bin Laden, laying out views of why society is in crisis and how only "propaganda by deed" will inspire the masses to action.

Whereas bin Laden wanted Islam to triumph, Breivik supports a Christian Europe without large numbers of Muslims.

Breivik appears to have chosen the date 2083 because it will be the 200th anniversary of the death of Karl Marx.

Many educated neo-Nazis start from the premise that Marxism thought infected Europe, leading to a reduction in nationalism and the introduction, eventually, of liberalism and multi-culturalism.

Breivik articulates all this. At a local level, he blames the ruling Labour party for introducing multi-culturalism to Norway and, he believes, ruining the country. His writing is deeply anti-Islamic.

The neo-Nazi movement in Scandanavia, especially in Sweden, is among the strongest in Europe. The different groups are almost all in contact wth each other from Italy to Norway and from Britain to Russia.

There are two types of connection, one is intellectual, the other cultural. Read More