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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bloomberg tells New Yorkers to prepare for evacuation as Hurricane Irene causes panic in the Bahamas and threatens to batter the East Coast 150mph

Warning: Mayor Bloomberg said people living in Coney Island and Far Rockaway should prepare for evacuation.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a stark warning to New Yorkers living on low ground today as the city began preparing to face the terrifying wrath of Hurricane Irene.

As the storm devastated the Bahamas, caused panic in North Carolina and threatened to continue its path of destruction right through to America's most populous city, Mayor Bloomberg urgedhundreds of thousands of residents in low-lying areas to line up a place to stay on high ground ahead of a possible evacuation this weekend.

The warning came as experts who had hoped the storms would fade into the Atlantic before hitting the Big Apple have swiftly changed tack, warning the huge hurricane could continue to hug the coast, causing an extent of damage to the East Coast not seen in more than half a century. Read More