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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Austria's new Fritzl: Father kept two mentally ill daughters as sex prisoners in one room for 41 years - 25th Aug 2011

An Austrian man is being investigated after locking up his two daughters in a room for 41 years and repeatedly sexually abusing them in a case which matches countryman Josef Fritzl's in its depravity.

Police today confirmed the horrific details of the case in St Peter am Hart, near Brannau - Hitler's home town - close to the German border.

The two mentally ill women were both banned from contact with the outside world and were only allowed in one room of the large property.

The extended isolation has left both women severely psychologically traumatised and both are now in care.

The man's wife, who died three years ago, apparently knew about the abuse but had been too scared to report the matter.

But the horror story came to light when the man, now 80, fell over and banged his head while trying to have sex with the older of the two women, who is aged 53. Her younger sister is 45.

He had apparently been immobile for two days before a social worker called to check up on him and discovered him lying on the floor. Read More