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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aussie news staff fired over fake TV reports

A news director in Australia has resigned and three journalists have been fired for faking news reports about the hunt for a missing teenager's remains.

The Channel Nine journalists in Brisbane had filed fake crosses from the TV station's helicopter, saying they were over the site of a search for Daniel Morcombe, who went missing in 2003.

Two shoes matching the brand the teenager was wearing and three human bones had been found in a swamp on the Sunshine Coast.

The ABC says in one incident the helicopter the reporter was supposedly filing from was hovering near the station's studios and in another it was sitting on the Channel Nine helipad - filmed by a rival as the "live cross" went to air.

Earlier this week Channel Nine admitted the crosses had been faked, citing time restraints and poor weather.

Now the Director of Queensland news Lee Anderson resigned after almost 25 years working for the network, while reporters Melissa Mallet and Cameron Price were sacked, as well as producer Aaron Wakeley, according to the ABC. more