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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anthrax Infection in Minnesota Came from a Natural Source - 9th Aug 2011

An anthrax infection in Minnesota is being investigated by the FBI and the Minnesota Department of Health. The bureaus are saying that the case was caused by a very rare instance of inhaled anthrax, is currently not being considered a criminal or terrorist act.

Anthrax spores occur naturally in the environment, and the disease is regularly found in hooved animals such as cows. The deadly infection -- which has been associated with terrorism since 2001, when envelopes of white powder were sent to various offices in United States -- can be picked up by handling infected animal meat or hides.

The infected person was hospitalized with fever and pneumonia in Minnesota after traveling through North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota.

"All evidence points to this case of anthrax being caused by exposure to naturally occurring anthrax in the environment," Minnesota state epidemiologist Ruth Lynfield told AFP.

"Anthrax is not spread from person to person, and it is extremely rare for humans to become sickened with anthrax, especially through inhalation." Read More