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Monday, July 25, 2011

Toxic gas leak sees hundreds evacuated, China - 25th July 2011

HUNDREDS of people were evacuated from their homes yesterday morning following a toxic chemical leak in suburban Jinshan District.

No one was reported to be affected by the leak of carbon tetrachloride in the district's Weizhen Town and the chemical did not pollute waterways, said the township government.

Preliminary investigations indicated the leak was caused by a broken valve on a container holding about 100 kilograms of residual carbon tetrachloride, said Peng Xijun, deputy director of the town.

Chemical plant owner Qide Industry and Trade Co of Jinwei Village was placed under investigation.

Residents living in the area detected a pungent smell from the plant about 10:15am and alerted police.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and residents within 1 kilometer were evacuated.

Workers were seen spreading sand during the clean-up, while carbon tetrachloride vapors were visible. The operation ended yesterday.

Meanwhile, a tanker carrying 9.2 tons of liquefied natural gas overturned under the Middle Ring Road in Yangpu District earlier yesterday after a tire burst.

The driver was slightly injured.

It took five hours to right the truck, after which it was towed away. Source