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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tornado hits city in Russia’s far-east, killing one - 31st july 2011

One person was killed on Sunday when a rare tornado hit the Russian far-eastern city of Blagoveshchensk, officials said. Dozens more were injured.

The tornado hit the city of Blagoveshchensk, which is the administrative center of Amur Oblast in Russia's far-east. Video footage uploaded to YouTube showed how the relatively small tornado roared through parts of the city, causing light flashes and debris being thrown into the air.

The local RIA Novosti news agency reported that several vehicles, including trucks, were overturned by the force of the tornado. Power lines were also destroyed in some areas, causing power outages to parts of the city with a population of nearly 215,000 people.

As a result of the widespread damage, local officials declared a state of emergency. RIA Novosti cited emergency officials as saying that one person was killed while 28 others were injured.

Significant tornadoes in Europe are rare, but there have been several disasters involving tornadoes in Russia in modern history. In June 1904, at least 30 people were killed when two tornadoes moved through Moscow, while three powerful tornadoes in June 1984 killed more than 400 people in Belyanitsky, Ivanovo and Balino in western Russia. Source