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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tornado did touch down in Goshen, state of New York - 31st July 2011

A tornado ripped through the Town of Goshen during Friday's heavy wind and rainstorm, National Weather Service officials confirmed Saturday.

The twister left a track of 2.1 miles on the ground, leaving two houses with heavy damage, the agency said.

According to results of a weather service damage survey, the tornado touched down near 109 Coleman Road about 4:57 p.m. and left the ground near 600 Craigville Road about 5:06 p.m. Town of Goshen police said that the twister traveled in a southeasterly direction and that most of the damage occurred on Hasbrouck Road, near where the tornado left the ground.

Along the path of the tornado, the weather service said, "damaged trees converged in a very narrow path" but "no injuries have been reported as a result of the storm."

On Friday, the weather service had initially stated that although there were high winds, a tornado wasn't confirmed.

But late Saturday, the weather service said after a damage survey, examining statements from eyewitnesses and analyzing radar data, that an EF-1 tornado, a relatively weak measure on the Fujita scale, touched down Friday afternoon, packing winds of a maximum of 86 to 110 mph. Read More