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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thieves use Facebook and Twitter to co-ordinate 'flashrob' raid of Victoria's Secret store

A group of men and women robbed a Victoria's Secret lingerie store after organising a 'flashmob' style robbery using Facebook and Twitter, police have revealed.

The group entered the high-end lingerie store in Georgetown, Washington, on Monday afternoon and made off with products 'within seconds' after co-ordinating the raid online.

The incident is the latest in a worrying trend of thefts through 'flashmobs' which until now were used merely to organise large-scale public dances or protests.

Police believe the 'flashrobs' are planned on Facebook and Twitter, with raiders entering stores filled with stunned customers before brazenly stealing goods directly in front of store security cameras.

Officers in Georgetown, Washington, have reported similar incidents where robbers enter stores after apparently planning the raids using social network sites. (more)