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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Surge in KILLER bats stalking residents and animals, California - 22nd July 2011

An dramatic rise in rabid winged mammals has California going batty.

It may seem like something out of a vampire film, but officials in two counties are warning for residents to beware of the bat.

Just one bite from an infected bat can kill a person or an animal, and the creatures can somehow live with the disease for longer.

The average number of rabid bats found in Los Angeles County each summer typically tops eight to ten, but 12 have already been reported.

And that’s not the only area.

Steve Spence was taking the trash out in his Moorpark, Ventura County, home Sunday when he was bitten by a furry bat that appeared on his foot.

Mr Spence told the L.A. Times: 'I immediately thought, 'I'm screwed.'

The bat’s bite infected him with rabies and now Spence and his dog Pumba, who was also bitten, are in quarantine.

John Brand of the Moorpark city manager’s office said the number of infected bats there is growing rapidly. Read More