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Monday, July 25, 2011

Something Fishy in Your Fish

Globalized industrial fish factories are flooding the markets of the world with dangerously tainted fish laced with toxins and carcinogens banned by law from US food. They are doing this to replace the fish once supplied by industrial fishing fleets that have virtually destroyed the world’s stocks of wild fish; 80 per cent of the fish consumed in the United States is imported, and half the imported fish comes from fish factories. The tainted fish continues to come in despite ineffective efforts by state and national governments to stop the flow — efforts that, weak as they always were, are now being eviscerated by state and federal budget cuts. The fish factories, meanwhile, are making lots of money.

The problems with industrial fish factories (to call them “farms,” as the industry prefers, is to acquiesce to the continuing mutilation of language and meaning) are the same as those that arise in industrial cattle, hog or chicken plants: Close confinement and forced feeding of unnatural diets leads to stress, sickness and high concentrations of manure. To keep animals alive until they reach market weight, industrialists dose them heavily with antibiotics and anti-parasitics, substances whose residues in the treated animals’ flesh can sicken its consumers. (more)