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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Russia agency says International Space Station will be sunk into Pacific Ocean in 2020... but the Americans aren't happy - 28th July 2011

It’s travelled the equivalent of more than eight round trips to the sun, it’s been constantly occupied for 11 years and it’s cost the U.S. taxpayer billions of dollars to build and maintain.

But the International Space Station will reportedly be taken out of orbit and allowed to sink into the Pacific Ocean in 2020 - just like its Russian predecessor, Mir.

Russia's space agency announced the decision on Wednesday because the space base that is maintained around 200 miles away from the earth is too ‘complicated’ and ‘heavy’ to leave in orbit.

‘We will be forced to sink the ISS,' Roscosmos deputy head Vitaly Davydov told the agency's website.

'We cannot leave it in orbit as it is a very complicated and a heavy object. We have agreed with our partners that the ISS would function roughly until 2020.’ Read More