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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rubella outbreak, Fiji - 27th July 2011

REPORT to the nearest medical centre if symptoms of fever and body rashes appear, warns the Ministry of Health.

There is a rubella outbreak with three reported cases in the greater Suva area, confirmed Health Ministry spokesman Peni Namotu.

Dr Francis Bingwor of the National Adviser Family Health said the ministry intervened to raise awareness after they received reports of two females and a male aged between 19 and 24 years who developed symptoms of rubella at the Fiji School of Nursing.

There are suspected cases for other areas like Samabula, she added

Dr Bingwor is calling on parents to take precautions and getting babies vaccinated against the disease to prevent them from contracting rubella from adults suspected of being affected by the disease.

"Rubella is a vaccination preventable disease which can be prevented if children both boys and girls get vacinated against it," she said.

Parents are encouraged to make sure that their children are vaccinated against the disease which is a service provided at all baby clinics around the country," she said.

Mothers are urged to take their babies for the vaccination at 12 months and it is also provided at primary schools, she said.

"Usually it is thought that rubella was only for girls however this was only because females in primary schools would lineup for the rubella shots so we are thinking the male who has being affected this time was one who missed out in 2004 because prior to this only girls were given the rubella injection," Dr Bingwor said.

"Vaccines provided in Fiji are very effective and parents please seek immediate medical attention as soon as you have signs of fever and body rashes." Source