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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rebecca Maria Herrera, Six, dies after getting trapped in backyard microwave - 25th July 2011

A six-year-old girl died after crawling inside a large, old-fashioned microwave in the backyard of her home.

Rebecca Maria Herrera, from San Antonio, went missing for several hours on Saturday and police and dozens of volunteers spent hours looking for her until she was found in the microwave.

A helicopter was also dispatched.

San Antonio police believe she climbed inside the microwave and somehow became trapped. They said they are investigating the case as an accidental sudden death.

Rebecca is the daughter of John Herrera, an officer for the San Antonio Police Bike Patrol. He was in Florida at the time.

Lt Randy Smith said: 'The whole neighbourhood was helping search. It’s a tight community.'

Stephanie Almendarez and her daughter, who live across the street, held back tears as they watched investigators enter Rebecca's home.

The mother-of-five said: 'I heard somebody yell, "I found her", and then I heard crying. I am shocked. I thought she was OK. I’ve never seen anything like this.'

According to My San Antonio, Rebecca's brother and a police officer found her, officials said.

The brother, whose age was not immediately released, had no cause to check the microwave, which was sitting on top of some heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment along the side of the house, police said, but opened it randomly.

Police said Rebecca was very small and liked to hide inside things. They believe she crawled in and became trapped when the door closed.

An autopsy report is pending. Read More