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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Raquel Nelson pleads for compassion as she faces jail for killing son, four - after he died in hit-and-run while family were jaywalking -25th July

A mother who faces three years in jail for killing her son after he was struck by a car while jaywalking today pleaded with the judge for compassion ahead of her sentencing tomorrow.

Raquel Nelson's four-year-old little boy, A.J., died when a hit-and-run driver ploughed into the family as they crossed a busy four-lane road from the bus stop to their apartment block in Marietta, Georgia without using the crosswalk.

In an emotional interview, Miss Nelson explained how she only jaywalked so she could get home before it got dark - and how she's terrified of being sent to jail and being robbed of time with her surviving children.

Earlier this month, she was convicted of vehicular homicide for the tragic death of her son, a crime which carries a thee-year-sentence - far more than the six months the hit-and-run driver served.

Nelson, 30, and her youngest daughter were also injured last April when Jerry Guy ploughed into them as they crossed. Read More