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Monday, July 25, 2011

Parents alarm at 'dangerous' chemical in new relaxation brownie Lazy Cakes - 25th July 2011

A controversial new snack is causing concern among parents who fear it could pose a serious health risk to children.

Lazy Cakes is a 'relaxation' brownie that contains eight milligrammes of melatonin, four times the amount in an average sleep aid.

They come with a warning 'This ain't your mamma's brownies,' written on their website.

But some fear the packaging is too similar to that of a normal brownie.

Erinn Diggs, of Charlotte, North Carolina, said she has tried Lazy Cakes several times and says it only takes a few minutes for the brownie to take control.

She said: 'They're not necessarily weed brownies but they really do make you relax, like every time I eat one I fall asleep," said Erinn Diggs.

On its website, lazy cakes says do not eat one before a hot date, during work, while driving or operating heavy machinery. Read More