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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Neo-Nazi children could be taken into care to beat brainwashing at Third Reich summer camps - 25th July 2011

The children of German neo-Nazis could soon be removed from their families and taken into care - in a bid to beat a rise in the glorification of Hitler and the Third Reich.

German authorities are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of summer camps and special schools brainwashing youngsters into worshipping a movement that killed six million Jews in the Holocaust.

A recent raid on one camp turned up jigsaw puzzles showing Germany's pre-World War 2 borders and colouring books where children were encouraged to crayon in the moustache of Hitler.

Cakes with lightning S.S. flashes on them and embroidery with swastikas were also found - both banned symbols under the postwar constitution.

It has led to calls for the government to look at ways to take the children of the worst neo-Nazi families into care. Read More