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Sunday, July 31, 2011

'Met Police Tried To Cover Up Hacking' - 31st July 2011

The former Army intelligence officer at the centre of the latest hacking inquiry has told Sky News police tried to sweep his case under the carpet and accuses the Metropolitan force of endemic corruption.

Ian Hurst's computer was allegedly hacked by the News Of The World (NOTW) searching for details of an IRA informer.

Scotland Yard is launching an investigation into information allegedly gathered illegally from him by a private investigator who, it is alleged, was working for the tabloid.

Mr Hurst, who spent 12 years gathering information for the Government, said: "The private investigator has admitted that he placed a computer trojan on my hard drive and obtained, over a three-month period, all the email traffic coming in and out.

"He could access social media and ostensibly surveiled me for a given period."

Mr Hurst believes the hackers were looking for information on an informer for the IRA, called Steak-knife.

He has reams of documents relating to his case, which goes back to 2006, but he believes the police were reluctant to investigate properly at the time. Read More