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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marcus Garwood Pictured doing a mid-air stunt: The extreme kite-flyer who died after being caught by freak gust of wind - 26th July 2011

A kite flyer who died after being swept 50ft into the air by his power kite and plunged to the ground has been named as Marcus Garwood.

The 27-year-old died on Sunday after a freak gust of wind at Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire caught the kite, which had a 20ft wingspan, and carried him away in front of his friends and family.

He plunged 50ft onto the hillside and sustained multiple fractures including a broken leg and pelvis, before dying at the scene of a suspected heart attack.

Tributes posted on Kite Crowd web forum told how Mr Garwood 'loved what he did so very much' and revealed his passion for power kiting, snowboarding and car racing.

Mr Garwood, from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, who attended Northfields Upper School and Dunstable College, is believed to have begun power kiting four years ago.

The HSS tool hire worker had posted videos online displaying his talent for performing aerial tricks at heights of 20ft in winds of up to 40mph.

A tribute on Kite Crowd forum by Newbiejumper, aged 32, who claims to be a friend of Marcus from Bedfordshire, said he witnessed the accident.

He said: 'He launched got lofted held it out had it was looking like it was under control was coming down nice and steady he got to about 20ft off the floor the kite just dropped caught the wind and supermaned him the winds were comin up the hill and on the website just before the accident it was reading 11mph as far as i remeberand (sic) and bex your right he loved what he did so very much.'

They continued: ‘It really was just a freak accident.

‘RIP Markos. Hope the winds are better where you are now.’ Read More