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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Luis and Jonathan Baez Arrested, Pilot Hurt (And Chased Around Airport) After Fight On Plane At Miami International Airport

Two brothers were arrested after police said they attacked a pilot at Miami International Airport on Wednesday night.

American Airlines Flight 1755 was about to take off from MIA to San Francisco International Airport when a flight attendant noticed that passenger Jonathan Baez, 27, was not wearing his seat belt. She tried to wake him up, but he was unresponsive so she called the pilot.

The pilot then decided to turn the plane around and head back to the gate. Once at the gate, the pilot and flight attendant both tried to wake Baez. He finally woke up and was told he needed to exit the plane.

While the pilot and flight attendants were escorting Baez off the plane, they claim his brother, Luis Baez, 29, said, "When you fly to San Juan, I will have you killed."

Both men exited the aircraft. But police said that moments later, Luis Baez reentered the plane and punched the pilot in the face.

A flight attendant stepped in and police said Luis Baez hit her on the shoulder.

Police said both brothers then attacked the pilot again in the jet bridge. They punched him several times and then chased him around the terminal.

The rest of the flight crew and even passengers from the flight came to the pilot's defense and subdued the brothers until police arrived.

The pilot suffered a large bruise and blurring in his eye. He also told police he is very fearful that Baez will follow through on his death threat.

Both Luis Baez and Jonathan Baez were charged with Aggravated Battery and remain in the Miami-Dade County Jail. (more)