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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lee Brophy a Rapist who infected woman with hepatitis C is jailed indefinitely - 22nd July 2011

A sex attacker who gave a woman hepatitis C when he broke into her home and raped her was jailed indefinitely today.

Lee Brophy, 44, of Catford, south-east London, assaulted his victim, in her fifties, in March.

She had fought cancer in the past only to then find herself diagnosed with the new condition.

The victim was in bed when she woke to see drug addict Brophy standing over her with a 'triumphant' look on his face, the Old Bailey heard.

Brophy was armed with a knife when he broke in by removing a panel from the back door at her south London address.

He cut the telephone landline before the attack.

Brophy raped the woman twice before forcing her to have a bath to try to get rid of forensic evidence, but police were still able to recover DNA when she was examined.

He had recently been diagnosed with hepatitis C and his victim contracted the disease after the rape, which he carried out without using protection.

The court heard that 80 per cent of sufferers will have the illness - for which there is no cure - for the rest of their lives, leading to liver damage. Read More