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Sunday, July 31, 2011

August Dollar Drive Begins / Weekly Announcements (New posts appear below until midnight)

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Hello everyone:

1. July Dollar Drive results: 19 out of 5000 people made a donation to this month's dollar drive, with total donations coming in at under 10% of the target. We hear the message: it's clear we haven't been working hard enough to fully gain your trust and support, and therefore we will double our efforts in order to earn both of those things. We will continue to strive to bring you stories and information that illuminate the truth, and will begin the August Dollar Drive starting from today. To the 19 that did give, we sincerely appreciate your support, and thank you deeply.

2. The new category of "Heroes": We thought this would be a good category, simply because out of all crises rise heroes and individuals who do good works despite the struggles they face, and they deserve a mention. They teach us how to make it out of bad situations, and remind us that a better world is just a personal action away.

3. Coming Crisis Alerts: We just want people to know that we confer (yes, we actually have a meeting) before posting an alert. We do not post them to make our site exciting or for entertainment value; we post them based on solid facts or solid conclusions we reach and feel the need to share with the world in order to keep you all safe. Heeding them is your choice, but please at least take the time to read them.

Have a great day everyone, and stay safe, elevated, and out of the stock markets.

-- Matt & Lynsey