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Friday, July 29, 2011

Jewell Hendricks 'murdered her twin boy because she only wanted one child' - 29th July 2011

A 27-year-old mother killed one of her newborn twins because she only wanted one baby and couldn't cope with two.

Jewell Hendricks, from Utah, smothered her two-month-old son Robert, with a sleeping bag and then sat on his body for several hours in January 2010, according to testimony and court documents.

Hendricks pleaded guilty to first-degree felony murder.

The court heard that on January 24, she was frustrated with her son's crying and covered his face with a sleeping bag, 'bear-hugging' him until he stopped.

At a preliminary hearing last year, medical experts said Robert died from a combination of blunt force injuries to the head and smothering. The boy had a skull fracture, bruising on the head and arms, a broken collarbone and bleeding of the eye, court documents state.

According to the Deseret News, police officers previously testified that the mother told them 'having twins was too much to handle and explained that she loved (the other twin) more and it was her intent to have a better life and kill Robert'.

The twin boys had been born premature and Hendricks was dealing with 'stresses in her life', Deputy Weber County Attorney Dean Saunders said.

'She determined that her life would be easier if she had one child instead of two.' Read More