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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jerry Ramrattan a Obsessed CSI fan frames ex-lover in most elaborate revenge plot ever - 26th July 2011

It sounds like the plot from the TV series CSI - a jilted ex-boyfriend builds a 'master plot' of fake crimes which he pins on his ex-girlfriend and gets her jailed for seven months.

But rather than being a work of fiction, this was the reality that happened to Seemona Sumasar.

Her ex-boyfriend, Jerry Ramrattan, who was obsessed with police dramas, allegedly built a web of lies and deceit so convincing it fooled prosecutors and police into arresting her.

He persuaded two witnesses to lie, coaxed another to frame Ms Sumasar and covered his tracks so well he was never a suspect, it is said.

Whilst in jail her life fell apart - her restaurant went out of business and she was separated from her 12-year-old daughter.

And incredibly the plot only unravelled a few weeks before she was due to go on trial when an informant told police Ramrattan was behind the whole thing.

Ms Sumasar is now planning lawsuits against police in New York and Long Island over the case which has left seasoned investigators stunned at how easily they were manipulated. Read More