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Friday, July 29, 2011

'I didn't realise I had a 12-INCH SPIKE in my head': Oslo blast victim returns to work - 29th July 2011

As the dust settled in the ruins of her 11th floor office in Oslo after the devastating bomb blast, Line Nersnaes knew she had to get out.

But while the 50-year-old Justice Department advisor realised she had to struggle through the shattered glass and twisted metal to make her escape, she had no idea a 12-inch wooden spike had lodged in her head.

The spear-like fragment from a shattered wooden window frame had narrowly missed her brain, having entered under her chin and exiting at the top of her skull.

It was not until she could no longer ignore the pain of a piercing headache that she started to wonder what had happened to her.

Meanwhile, the man who confessed to the bombing and youth camp shooting spree on Utoya island is facing his second interrogation since the massacre, as the nation mourns the 76 victims in memorial services. Read More