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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hundreds Of Fish Dead At Muskogee Pond, Oklahoma - 22nd July 2011

Low oxygen levels at an Oklahoma water body are said to be responsible for another large fish kill.

This time, it's happening at a large pond in Muskogee. The pond, located on the west end of Honor Heights Park, was littered with the carcasses of hundreds of fish.

According to the Muskogee Phoenix, Parks Superintendent Rick Ewing says most of the dead fish were shad and that bass, catfish and perch were apparently spared, since they tend to stay in deeper, cooler water.

To battle the lower oxygen levels, park employees were using a water line to put fresh water into the pond from a nearby fire hydrant.

It's the second big fish kill in Oklahoma in less than a week. Earlier this week, hundreds of dead fish turned up along Keystone Lake. Source