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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Ending For 'Happy Feet' The Penguin -- He'll return to the Antarctic soon

A lost penguin that was fighting for its life after it turned up on a beach some 2,500 miles from its Antarctic home is on the road to recovery.

The Emperor penguin, nicknamed "Happy Feet" by locals, splashed about happily as he took his first swim in a pool at Wellington Zoo in New Zealand on Monday.

The bird has been receiving treatment at the zoo since being spotted by a dog walker washed up on Peka Peka beach in the north of the country over a month ago.

New Zealand's Department of Conservation plans to return him to the Antarctic at the end of August.
Zoo vet Lisa Argilla said: "We are giving him the best chance possible.

"He is going to be fit and healthy and he will, in my opinion anyway, have the same chance as any another Emperor penguin."

Happy Feet became the focus of international attention after he became the second emperor penguin ever to appear in New Zealand.

It was initially feared he would not survive after he ate sand, believing it was snow. (more)