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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gemma Hayter abandoned to be murdered for fun by a gang of savages who she thought were her friends - 31st July 2011

Gemma Hayter loved animals. She shared her chaotic flat in a tower block with a hamster and a noisy cockatiel called Jasmine and she would talk to every dog or cat that came her way.

But Gemma would talk to anybody who showed her the slightest attention – and it was her trusting friendliness that was ultimately to cost her her life.

Last week, three young people were convicted of Gemma’s brutal murder on a disused railway line, an act that followed hours of abuse in a flat.

Two others were found guilty of her manslaughter and all five were unanimously convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Everyone who came across Gemma, 27, in her home town of Rugby knew that she was different. She had a rare congenital disorder that caused her serious learning difficulties, and a distinctive physical appearance with a large head and crossed eyes.

In the pre ‘care in the community’ era, it is unlikely that she would have been allowed to live independently. Dawn Jennings at the post office a stone’s throw from the ten-storey block where she lived, cashed her benefits cheque on Tuesdays.

‘She was a lovely girl, totally innocent and child-like,’ she said. Read More