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Monday, July 25, 2011

Gay Marriage Opponents Protest New York Law

Thousands of traditional marriage supporters took to the streets of New York Monday, demanding the law legalizing same-sex marriage be overturned.

Demonstrators say Gov. Andrew Cuomo re-defined marriage and didn't give the voters any say in the matter.

"This is going to stimulate a whole new effort on our part to start to turn things around," Bill Banuchi, founder and head of the Marriage and Family Savers Institute in Newburgh, told the Times Herald-Record.

"We're strategizing now about how to do that, but this is not something we're going to settle for," he said.

Meanwhile, hundreds of gay couples were married in New York on Sunday, the day the law legalizing same-sex marriage took effect in that state.

"It's just an accumulation of a lot of hard work of many people, and we're just so happy to be celebrating," one person said. "We think it is a historic day for New York, and we're going to look back with great fondness on this day."

New York is the largest state to approve gay marriage. Forty-one states have banned it. (more)