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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Forget planking (which has already killed someone), how about the next idiotic internet craze, "owling"?

The sad truth for ridiculous Web memes is that they have remarkably poor shelf lives. So, farewell planking.

Hello, owling.

Deciding that striking a "light as a feather, stiff as a board" pose in public, photographing it and posting it on the Web is old news, some Internet denizens have moved on.

Now, it's all about squatting, arms pressed toward the ground and eyes locked in a wise, faraway gaze. You know ... like an owl.

If it all seems sort of ludicrous, well, that's kind of the point.

"Owling is actually more of an indication of how big planking is," said Ben Huh, founder of the Cheezburger Network of sites and blogs, which focus largely on Internet humor and memes.

"Planking is kind of like the Rebecca Black of Internet memes," he said, referring to the "Friday" pop singer. "So many people think it's so stupid -- but they're watching it and they're parodying it." (more)