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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fish kill reported on Naples Beach this morning - 23rd July 2011

More than 100 dead fish washed up on Naples Beach this morning, with more reported in the water still alive but dying, city officials say.

"We probably picked up 100 so far in the Third Avenue South area," said Roger Jacobsen, the Naples harbor master. Many more are near the shore, alive, but slowly dying, he said.

"It's every species in the world, snook, sheepshead," Jacobsen said. "They're all in a pile swimming around. And one dies and floats to the top.''

The fish kill appears contained to the beach and shoreline between Third Avenue South and Seventh Avenue South, he said.

Monday, fish were swimming in rust-colored between Doctors Pass, and Wiggins Pass, with many dead fish washing on shore.

The leading theory about the cause of Monday’s weirdness is that marine life came ashore to escape a so-called dead zone, a bloom of algae offshore that has sucked the oxygen out of the water. Instead of finding breathing room, though, the stampede to the beach got trapped when the bloom followed it ashore.

It was too early to determine what caused today's fish kill on Naples Beach. Source