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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fish kill leaves McKinnons resident concerned, Antigua - 28th July 2011

A fish kill left hundreds of tilapia floating dead in a waterway along Anchorage Road adjacent to the McKinnons Pond, where jet fuel escaped from West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) Tuesday.

Residents in the area watched in amazement yesterday, while others continued fishing not too far from where schools of dead fish floated to the surface of the water stream that connects to the pond.

At least two persons were seen using a fish pot to scoop up and sort thousands of live fish that were trapped and unable to complete their journey to the pond.

While this is the norm for some, others complained that the practice could pose health risks, although the fish caught were alive.

“Nobody know what is killing these fish. It can not be natural because the average fish here is no more than five inches and that indicates that they are not adults,” a concerned resident said.

“People should not be willing to consume live fish caught in contaminated water because no one know why the fish are dying.”

Meantime, WIOC, in a press release, said it had despatched an emergency team to clean up the spill and is reporting progress.

WIOC has since apologised for the inconvenience caused to those affected, especially neighbouring communities and has promised to monitor the situation, but residents in the area said they want more than empty promises. Read More