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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Erik Grumpert 'beat his cheating girlfriend to death and then lived with her corpse for two months' - 27th July 2011

An Arizona man who confessed to killing his girlfriend and living with her decomposing corpse in his one-bedroom apartment for two months has been charged with second degree murder

Erik Grumpert, 35, told police in Mesa, Arizona, that he killed his girlfriend by slamming his knee into her lower abdomen repeatedly after she had told him she had slept with other men in their bed.

The decomposing body of the victim, 39-year-old Malinda Raya, was found beneath a blanket on the couple’s bedroom floor on Monday.

Air fresheners and carpet fresheners were also found in the room.

Mr Grumpert told authorities that he attacked Ms Raya in their one-bedroom apartment on May 19. He said that he left for a short period, and when he returned, found her unresponsive.

He also said that he had tried to perform CPR for 30 minutes after the attack.

But he panicked and put her dead body under the bed.

Mr Grumpert attempted to mask the odor by using carpet deodorizer and chemicals, and by wrapping her body in sheets.

Authorities found the body after Mr Grumpert told his father on Sunday that he might have killed his girlfriend.

The father found Ms Raya’s body on Monday morning, then called paramedics and the authorities.

Mr Grumpert, who also admits to being a drug addict, is now being held without bond. Source