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Monday, July 25, 2011

Emergency meeting: U.N., donors to meet on Somalia famine as aid groups seek more help

he World Bank pledged more than $500 million for famine victims as the U.N. planned an emergency meeting Monday to address the aid response in Somalia, the hardest-hit nation in the region.

Funds will go toward Horn of Africa nations battling their worst drought in 60 years, including Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti, the World Bank said.

The pledge comes as international aid groups warned that a majority of Somalis don't have access to food, and failure to reach them puts children most at risk as their parents trek for days to look for help.

"Women have been telling us throughout the area that they've had to leave children along the road who can't make it, who are too weak to make it and have died along the way," Sheeran said. (more)