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Friday, July 29, 2011

Do Indian women need the right to dress like a tart?

The last time anyone asked an Indian woman what was on her mind, I don’t think she said she was dying to dress like a slut without attracting a single male glance.

So when women turn out dressed like slags, Jezebels, floozies, tarts, tramps and strumpets on the streets of New Delhi on Sunday to assert their right to dress any way they like without inviting male sexual attention, I fear it may be a smallish gathering, just a handful of the educated elite who’ve heard about SlutWalking and how it was provoked by a Toronto police officer’s remark that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

Since the first protests in Canada, SlutWalks have gathered pace. When it’s New Delhi’s turn, I expect the participating women to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame. But let them dare claim there’s anything remotely serious about their antic.

In a country where 10 million babies have been killed in the womb because they were girls, where women are burned for dowry, murdered in honour killings, face domestic violence so frequent it’s as common as a power cut, where Dalit women fear sexual humiliation by upper caste men and where young girls are forced into prostitution, who needs the right to dress like a slut? And while we’re listing women’s sorrows, a recent global survey by TrustLaw found India to be the fourth most dangerous place in the world for women. (more)