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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daniel Bobis a New York surfing coach missing in Indonesia after catching 12-foot wave - 25th July 2011

A teacher has gone missing after catching a 12-foot wave on a remote part of Sumatra's coast.

Daniel Bobis, 32, who teachers maths and surfing at Long Beach High School, New York, had been on a 'dream' vacation with his wife and a friend, when he disappeared yesterday.

The trio had been taking in exotic reefs in the far East since June and planned to return on August 12.

'It was just a day like any other here,' Mr Bobis’ friend Brian Lonergan, told the New York Post through tears.

'Danny had just taken a wave before me, I was further outside. I noticed as I came through that I couldn’t see him and a few minutes later his board washed up on the shore.'

Mr Lonergan and Mr Bobis' wife Rachel scoured the beach for any signs of the missing surfer, but found nothing.

'We pretty much searched the beach till nightfall and still have not found him,' said Mr Lonergan. 'We have to just wait for daybreak now.' Read More