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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cleveland volcano poised to erupt - and it's directly under the major U.S. flight path, Alaska - 22nd July 2011

Airlines have been told to prepare for travel chaos after scientists said an Alaskan volcano under a major U.S. flight route could erupt at any time.

Satellite images of the remote volcano on the island of Chuhinadak show that it could be poised for its first big eruption in ten years, according to experts.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory raised the alert level for the volcano and said it could erupt at any moment, spewing ash clouds up to 20,000 feet above sea level with little further warning.

The advisory was issued after 'thermal anomalies' were detected by satellite.

The 5,676 foot-tall (1,730 meters) Cleveland Volcano is located on the uninhabited island of Chuginadak in the Aleutian chain about 940 miles (1,500 km) southwest of Anchorage.

It is under the flight path between North America and Asia used by major airlines.

The volcano's last major eruption came in 2001, when it blasted ash more than 5 miles (8 km) into the sky and spilled lava from the summit crater.
Cleveland has experienced several smaller eruptions or suspected eruptions since then. Read More