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Thursday, July 28, 2011

City workers busy with cleanup in wake of freak storm, Kamloops, Canada - 27th July 2011

Tuesday night’s freak thunderstorm that dumped as much as 11 millimetres of rain in some parts of Kamloops in less than an hour had City workers dealing with the aftermath Wednesday.

Chris Jackson, City utilities operations supervisor, said some street corners and sidewalks were flooded, along with the Tenth Avenue railway underpass, and a few residents reported water in their basements.

It was a rare deluge of rainfall that overwhelmed the City’s infrastructure.

“It all goes back to the severity of the storm. It was so isolated and so intense, our storm system was literally overcome. Pipes couldn’t drain the water away fast enough,” he said.

“The drains were functioning, the water was literally skipping over them.”

Rushing water pushed mud and rocks as big as baseballs onto the four lanes of road at the south end of the Overlander Bridge. Jackson said most of that was cleared away Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, most of the focus was on cleaning away gravel washed around by the downpour and checking over areas where flooding occurred.

Some staff were also checking the City’s sewer system, particularly the pipes and pump downtown that just underwent major repairs.

“It did affect our sewer system. We got a lot of storm water into the sanity sewer. We saw a spike in the pumping capacity of our sanitary station — the pulp mill pump,” he said.

“It shouldn’t affect them, but with the increased flows we saw last night, there is some concern. The pumping station seemed to handle the volumes. They’re checking it as we speak.”

The Tenth Avenue underpass filled with water despite drains in the lowest part of the dip, he said.

“It’s a hollow spot. All the water collects there. We do have drains, they were functioning, they were just overwhelmed,” said Jackson.

“The drains are in the low spot. It’s all clear now. It was just a matter of time, it drained itself.”

Most of the flooding complaints came from the South Shore, particularly around Douglas and Munro streets.

“There were a few basements and garages flooded in that Munro-Douglas area,” said Jackson. There was also a report of a basement flooded on Larch Street.

Those homeowners will have to talk to their insurance companies about coverage, he added.

“An event like that, it’s beyond the capability of our infrastructure.” Read More